Minami Sanriku

Here are some scary pictures of the power of a tsunami. Minami Sanriku, the town Abi visited on Monday to bring supplies to a shelter, was hit so hard that almost everything was leveled. Even steel structures were stripped bare. The building in the distance is a hospital made famous in the news. 200 people made it to the roof and were stuck there in the freezing cold (it was snowing at the time) all night long. By writing "SOS" on the roof, helicopters eventually found them the next day.

The standing water was so high that a car floated right side up to the roof of this third story building.

You can tell how high the wave was by the fact that it submerged and destroyed this entire four story building. Unbelievable!

This was a very difficult place to be emotionally. Everyone was sobbing. The tsunami inundated both evacuation centers sweeping everyone away. Over half the population of the town died, around 10,000 people! The schools were on high ground protecting the children, but most are now orphaned. No one imagined that a tsunami could get this high...