New Sermon Series

This Sunday, Grace City Church Tokyo starts a new sermon series from Ephesians 5. One of our summer interns, Abigail Sauder, interviewed a number of church members for the sermon intro.


Artist Performance Party

Nick Marsella, one of our artist interns this summer, wrote music for the musicians here in Japan. We got to enjoy some of the fruit of his labor at a recent artist performance party on June 25.


Lutheran Matters Article

I have an article in the May 2017 publication Lutheran Matters, entitled "God of the 'In Between' in Humanity, Space, and Time in Japan." It is available for download here.


Grace City Retreat

This week is Golden Week, a big holiday in Japan at the beginning of May. We are in the mountains of Karuizawa for a church retreat! Camp fires, long hikes, and inoshishi (Japanese wild boar)...


Hip Hop

My son Aidan (age 13) has been part of a hip hop ministry for about one year now, led by OMF missionary JP Carvalho. Here is a video of Aidan and JP dancing in front of a crowd in Yokohama.

Aidan also danced with a larger group at New Hope Tokyo on Easter Sunday. Can you find him in the mix?

Sunday Easter Dance Celebration New Hope Tokyo 2017 from OMF Japan LINK & Performing Arts on Vimeo.


Koto & Grace City

On Good Friday, April 14, 2017, Chieko Ozawa played the koto, a traditional Japanese harp, at Grace City Church Tokyo. Later, I joined on the organ, making a unique ensemble that was quite powerful!

Our seven-year-old son Coen is taking lessons from Ozawa-sensei. The next video shows an introduction and congregational accompaniment by the koto of the hymn "O Sacred Head Now Wounded."


Art Conference 2017 - First Meeting!

A gathering in our apartment to talk about the "BROKEN" arts conference two months ago and come up with ideas for next year. What should the theme be? Who should the speakers be? What artwork should be displayed? (Looks like we're going to have a live tea ceremony!) I loved seeing everyone so engaged! These conferences have truly moved beyond me to become community led.