4 Boys & Dad Climb Mt. Myoko

While my wife was away, Aidan (12), Eastin (9), Coen (6), Kaizen (2), and I climbed Mt. Myoko on a 3 day/2 night camping trip.

Scene from top of Mt. Myoko
Five of us on peak of Mt. Myoko
Beautiful path
The staunch hikers
Field of flowers in the spring
Where did the land go?!
Kaizen walked a lot of the way, which is one reason it took three days!
Drank the water from this small mountain lake
Kaizen looks so little in the wild
Kaizen at the edge of the world!


Toccata & Fugue in D Minor

A video someone took during the July 18, 2015 Gospel Festival on their iPhone.


Gospel Music Festival

On July 18, 2015 we held the 3rd Annual Gospel Music Festival in Ishinomaki. This was a joint partnership between Liberty Music (Community Arts Tokyo's disaster-area ministries) and Ishinomaki Christian Center, involving the cooperation of many local churches, NPO's, businesses, and volunteers.

Me on my "super-portable" organ which I can send through the mail. I love playing outside!
Children making the display boards
Prayer the day before the festival
Sushi anyone?
Businesses getting ready for their hungry customers
Children getting ready for their big performance
Ending gospel choir led by gospel star John Lucas


Bach Festival Series

The Bach Festival Series consisted of 11 concerts in concert halls, community centers, schools, and churches over a three-month period of time from April to June 2015.

The portable digital organ is set-up and ready to go! Three of the concerts took place in a 250-seat concert hall in Tsukishima.

Short video clip of Rachel Reese playing the last movement of Bach's Partita No. 1 for Solo Violin in Honda Chapel, Chiba.


Festival for all Denominations

I was skeptical as to the benefits of a church music festival only for Christians, but I was wrong. This festival was started in the 1960's in order to bring together diverse churches of all denominations and faiths, catholic and protestant, through music. This year, they asked me to pull together a group of English speakers to represent the English-speaking church body of Japan. During lunch and rehearsals throughout the day, we had great conversations. The church of Japan needs more opportunities like this to encourage one another. Here is a short video I took of all the featured choirs singing "The Lord Bless You and Keep You" during rehearsal.


Gardens, Toilets, and Concerts

Concert at Seibo Church in Ichikawa

The timing for this concert could not have been better. Two weeks before, the church was featured in a neighborhood “open garden” event with hundreds of people. Being the only public space involved, they were the only space that could offer coffee and public restrooms! (Is there a more practical blessing to your community than free use of a toilet?) Over 200 people visited the church. A sign-up sheet for my concert was made available, and so many people signed up for the concert that no one from the church was able to come! The church asked me to play a mini-concert in worship though so Christians could hear me too!


My first karate tournament!

My boys have been doing karate for years, but now they've roped me into doing it with them!

Yesterday, I did my first shin kyokushinkai karate tournament. I won the first round but lost in round two. You can hear Aidan cheering me on in the video. I'm #758. Oh, the things I do to spend time with my boys!