Hospital Concert in Tokyo

Abi and Yoshimi (member of our trio) gave the first Christmas concert in a newly opened hospital in Toyosu, Tokyo last month. The story began last May when Grace Harbor Church walked through the front doors of a new hospital during one of their prayer walks. After a chance encounter with the event coordinator for patients, Grace Harbor was asked to give a concert on their brand new piano and teamed up with Community Arts Tokyo to provide music for the event. The hospital was pleasantly surprised to find more than 100 patients come, triple any previous event! The event coordinator gave me her card to talk about giving an organ concert next year.

In the last newsletter, I recounted how a big residential complex wanted music for the lighting of their Christmas tree and so approached the "church" for a gospel choir. I also wrote about a local preschool approaching the "church" for a classical music Christmas event friendly to families with children. We are thankful for how the church is being recognized more and more as a part of the community and as a group of people who desire to build community.


Artistic Organ Photo

One more picture from India. The kids say I look like batman, with my cape flowing...


December 23 - The Emperor's Birthday, a great day for karate

In preparation for his karate match, Aidan's having some fun at the piano. Beethoven puts one in a fighting mood...but wait, this is Mozart. Ah well, Mozart sometimes puts one in a fighting mood...

A few hours later... See! Piano can help you succeed at anything in life. Aidan got a medal for this:

Eastin did really well also! Watch his winning kick to the face (he is the orange belt):

This last fight against a blue belt of a higher level, after winning four other fights, won him the gold medal!

I am doing karate also. It is fun for all of us to participate in Japanese culture together!


New Music Video

Most worship music sung in Japan is translated from English, but we are working hard at Grace City Church Tokyo to provide more indigenous Japanese worship music. We just completed our first music video so that other churches in Japan can watch it online, begin to use our songs, and catch the vision to write their own. (A note about the video: The story conveys what we would like to see happen all over Japan. Friends share songs with one another. New Japanese songs are sung simultaneously in public venues and private homes. The unity and power of a gospel movement comes to Japan as never seen before!)

English translation:

Lord, there is fear in my heart
Lord, there is sorrow in my heart
You are the only one who knows my heart

The Lord of compassion comes from a sacred place
The Lord of grace lives within me
Now, quietly I come and rest in your presence

Lord, there is grief in my heart
Lord, there is suffering in my heart
You are the only one that knows my heart

The Lord of compassion comes from a sacred place
The Lord of grace lives within me
Now, quietly I come and rest in your presence

Even the unsaid prayers
Even these tears, these tears,
The Lord accepts

The Lord of compassion comes from a sacred place
The Lord of grace lives within me
Now, quietly I come and rest in your presence
I come and rest in your peace
I come and rest in your presence


Videos from India

Below are videos of some of the people I met in India as part of the Integrated Arts Movement. A little taste of India!

Classical music presentation at Sinai. from Integrated Arts Movement on Vimeo.


Relief work in Northern Japan Article

The Fall 2014 issue of Mission to the World's Network Magazine begins with an article on our work in the disaster area of Japan. Read the article here.



Ten Commandments on the Streets of Ginza

This summer we interviewed people on the streets of Ginza, the top shopping district in Japan, to fin their reactions to the Bible and the Ten Commandments. These short clips were used as introductions to Rev. Makoto Fukuda's sermon series on the Ten Commandments.

Commandment 1 - "You shall have no other gods before me."

Commandment 10 - "You shall not covet."