Arts a mine field?

Jonas Davison (Community Arts Tokyo) interviews the Bruce and Susan Young (Mission To The World staff, Missionary in Japan (retired)) talk about the value of the arts in church planting in Japan.

Global Missions Conference

Mission to the World's Global Missions Conference
November 10-12, 2017
Dallas, TX

Pictures below:
1. Abi translating for Asami in one of the plenaries
2. Art booth in exhibit hall
3. Christina Davison (team member) introducing music of new songbook
4. Chieko playing prelude in opening plenary



We are excited to announce the printing of our first songbook CITY PRAISE 2017 Worship Songbook containing 92 pages of newly composed or translated Japanese songs to spread resources created by our network of artists. Some of the music (pdf/mp3) is downloadable from our website.


Summer Organ Concert

I gave an all-Bach concert with my portable digital organ in the mountains of Nagano in August.


Nishikigi ni yosete

A good friend of mine (and Coen's teacher!) plays the koto (Japanese harp). Over the summer for fun, I tried arranging a set of five koto pieces for organ. Works surprisingly well!

Here it is played by Coen's teacher on the koto.