Cooking a hot meal

The cook and owner of a restaurant near our building lost family in the tsunami and wanted to prepare a meal for the survivors...a great hot meal, the first since the earthquake hit three weeks ago.

I invitated musicians living in Tokyo to bring joy and beauty to the neighborhood while passing out the food. Here is a video of Bruce Huebner, jazz flutist and shakuhachi player, performing for everybody while the food is being prepared and while waiting in line to receive kerosene to heat their homes. A number of ladies were in tears at hearing the Japanese folk melodies.

The people in the neighborhood cleared out this area hoping that someday soon someone would come bringing supplies. They were so happy when our group showed up!

Chopping vegetables!

Mixing the ingredients...

The finished product: Tonjiru (Pork Miso) Soup!

A little girl playing nearby in front of her house...