Can Artists Be Involved?

So many are involved! Shop owners delivered fresh vegetables and fruit for people who haven't seen that in 3 weeks now. One company donated half a truck load of kerosene (to keep homes warm). A cook, who had lost family in the tsunami, went with us to cook a great meal for 2,000 people. Hoppy Beer Co. donated a 4 ton truck and driver for one trip. A masuse gave massages to volunteers. A non-profit consultant donated her time and services. A dentist donated toothbrushes. Hundreds of housewives have collected supplies, made rice balls, made a blog, and used their networks to spread the news. Children made pictures for the boxes.

How can artists be involved? On March 31, 2011, I was part of a birthday party celebration for all survivors of the tsunami with a March birthday. The atmosphere was full of the celebration of life on this my third visit to this temple-become-shelter. Music makes all the difference between a concentration camp-like feel and a party. Over the past week I have been talking with community leaders and shelter managers about the possibility of concerts in the future. All have unanimously agreed that this a huge need over the next 3 months.

By the way, notice how my keyboard stand is a person on either side. That was a first for me! Helped make the evening fun. Everyone laughed.