Where were you when the earthquake hit?

In worship yesterday, I heard many of the stories of where everyone was when the earthquake hit. Satoshi, one of Rev. Fukuda's sons, was in a movie rental store. The movies all around him came tumbling down, and he couldn't run or move in any direction. Motoki, another of his sons, was caught in Higashi Funabashi. He walked over 6 hours (!) to arrive home past midnight. Kan, who was intending to translate the service, was caught in a train on his way from the airport. After almost 24 hours of travel, he had to spend another 24 hours waiting in a train station! He was very tired.

Rolling blackouts of 3 hour intervals are happening everywhere except central Tokyo where we live.

Our team was able to make contact with a pastor they know in Iwaki, 50 km south of the Fukushima reactor with the explosion. Dan Iverson, our team leader, and two other guys left at midnight last night with food, water, and gas supplies. They arrived at 5:30 am. Roads were relatively clear with no problems. They found a large group of people taking shelter in an elementary school who were glad to receive the supplies. The truck has enough fuel to make it back. That's all we know for now....