Helping the Community

In the last entry, I mentioned how we met with the leader of the community to offer the help of Grace City Church. Just before worship we got a call for help. We were able to announce it during worship, and then nine people headed out.

I was the first one on the roof and took this picture with my phone. The roof was made of beautiful heavy clay tiles that do not color with age (I'm told). They were a mess after the earthquake. We made a line and handed down the tiles one by one so that they wouldn't fall on anyone in future aftershocks. We then tied down a blue tarp over the whole area to keep the rain out until they can be fixed.

We were so glad to be able to be of help. An older lady lived there, and we were thanked profusely. We again offered our help to the community leader who met us there. Maybe we'll get calls for other houses before it is predicted to rain tomorrow night?

Picture to right is of house next door to the one we were working on. All of these houses are just a few feet from our building, where we can see them clearly from our living room.