Benefit and Beauty

“In a world that is so obviously not as it ought to be, it is the calling of artists to be agents of a new world, [a redeemed world.] Whenever we start to believe that nothing can ever be different, that our homes, relationships, careers are basically stuck in a groove and can never change and never will change…whenever we start to believe that the horrors of the world just have to be, the emaciated child compelled to beg at a road side, or the prostitute forced to the streets to feed her drug addiction. Whenever we start to believe that there can never be anything new under the sun, it’s the artist’s calling to make us believe things can be different, that life can be new, that a new world is possible, a world that ought to be.” (Jeremy Begbie, IAM lecture, New York City, 1997)

These are the words we printed in the program for the concert given last night (February 24, 2008) in collaboration with the Austrian Ballet Company. Part of the program was live music by our trio, including an arrangement of "Sakura," which I wrote specifically for this concert. Part of the program was newly choreographed dance alone with our trio (you can see us standing in the middle of the picture to the right). Part of the program was dance along with CD, such as Swan Lake, which we ended the program with. The event took place in a really nice 300 seat hall and was a fundraiser for a school in a very poor part of Bangladesh. A lot of money was raised, and a lot of relationships were built. It was a great event and worth all the time and money put into it.