"Being Church" is Attractive

In America, many people believe it is best to avoid church and follow your own beliefs. There is a general avoidance of institutions, but in Japan, "being church" is one of the most attractive elements of being a Christian. Our team leader is always very careful to make us use the words "We go to chapel, but we ARE the church. We don't GO to church." "Being church" provides a kind of open and loving community that seems to be rare in Japanese society. This is a picture of an English Bible study that Abi started among our friends at Aidan's school. New people continue to come because they are looking for the kind of community they hear this group has. It is offering something rare and wonderful in Oyumino, Japan. It really is a great thing to be part of and observe. I know that my own "accountability group" in Japan is vital to my survival in Japan and keeps me on the right track in loving my wife and my family. "Being church" is certainly an attractive thing, no matter where you are in the world.