Hage no Uta (The Bald Song)

"The next piece is one of Bach's best known works for organ, the "Little" Fugue in G Minor. I would like to dedicate this performance to my friend Brent," I say in a very serious voice. "Brent, would you please stand." Brent, one of the volunteers who came with us, stands. "This piece is probably better known by its other beloved title: 'The Bald Song'." Brent is bald.

As soon as I start to play, everyone in the shelter bursts out laughing. This little tune is known in Japan by the words: "Do you have hair on your head? Mine is fading away. Could I have your hair?" You can watch a video of this song on YouTube, showing famous people losing their hair. (What would Bach think?)

The concerts in shelters were full of humorous moments and serious moments, wondrously opening people's hearts to us.