Kumamoto Week 2

Ellie Honea, clarinet & piano  /  Rachel Reese, violin  /  Roger Lowther, organ
I returned to Tokyo for prior commitments, but it gave me a chance to get my organ and recruit musicians to return to Kumamoto with me! We returned to Kumamoto again this past Monday. There are many stories to tell, including stories from the people who shared their lives with us at the concerts, but I need to get some rest. For now, here are some pictures from the first day.
Sending the organ from Tokyo to Kumamoto

Morning meeting and devotional at Harvest Church in Kumamoto
Roger on the phone trying to make a plan for the day
We joined a "takidashi" (cookout) team of volunteers at Uki City Hall
Setting up the organ
"Play more! Play more!"
About 300 people filed past us over a 2 hour period of time to eat freshly cooked meat and vegetables, with tears occasionally moving down their cheeks as they listened to the music. During breaks, we had amazing conversations with people and feel grateful for how people opened their lives to us.