In September, I traveled to Berlin and spoke at the Green Hill Gallery about "ART IN EMERGENCY," the role artists can and should be play in emergencies.

After sharing stories about the arts in the relief effort in Northeast Japan, the room was opened up to a great discussion by Berlin artists about what can be done to address the needs of the war-torn refugees from Syria, who are pouring into Berlin.

Connecting with an artist afterwards through the keyboard.

While in Berlin, I also ran the Berlin Marathon...while wearing a white back brace. I was coming down a ladder in the rain when the ladder slipped. I fell on my back directly on top of a sharp rock. When Abi ran over, I told her I was fine, then proceeded to pass out! A few men dragged me to their car and then eventually got me to a couch. I lived with that brace for over two months.

Those of you who thought I was crazy or stupid, well...you're right! Here's the proof! Despite the pain and the fact that I was not able to run at all for over a month before the marathon, I was determined to run (or walk...or crawl...) to the finish line. I stopped at least once an hour for long stretching episodes and much more frequently for light stretching of my back...trying to prevent serious injury. Every time I stopped, people rushed over and asked "Are you okay? Are you okay?" They were very kind.

Here I am at the Brandenburg Gate just before the finish line. I don't look quite so energetic, but it looks like I'm going to make it! And, while I won't tell you my time, you can see from this picture that there was at least one person behind me. I should put a caption on this picture: "Never Give Up!"