Hospital Concert in Tokyo

Abi and Yoshimi (member of our trio) gave the first Christmas concert in a newly opened hospital in Toyosu, Tokyo last month. The story began last May when Grace Harbor Church walked through the front doors of a new hospital during one of their prayer walks. After a chance encounter with the event coordinator for patients, Grace Harbor was asked to give a concert on their brand new piano and teamed up with Community Arts Tokyo to provide music for the event. The hospital was pleasantly surprised to find more than 100 patients come, triple any previous event! The event coordinator gave me her card to talk about giving an organ concert next year.

In the last newsletter, I recounted how a big residential complex wanted music for the lighting of their Christmas tree and so approached the "church" for a gospel choir. I also wrote about a local preschool approaching the "church" for a classical music Christmas event friendly to families with children. We are thankful for how the church is being recognized more and more as a part of the community and as a group of people who desire to build community.