Juilliard Students & Alum Back In Tokyo!

Two Juilliard alumni, Joe (cello) and Sean (piano), and one current student, Doori (violin), are currently spending their spring break in Tokyo to help further our church planting in the community through relationship building.

In the picture above, Doori and Joe are performing in the lobby of the building complex next to where we live. This structure encompasses three apartment buildings, a grocery store, and many other small businesses and offices. I have been trying for years to get permission to use this space for a concert. The answer was always "No live music!" Ellie Honea, MTW missionary and Community Arts Tokyo staff, and Orange Preschool worked a miracle and finally obtained the necessary permission. Chairs were set up for 30 people. Over 200 showed up! A visible sign of our trust in the community and the power of the arts to gather people.

This picture shows a party in our Tokyo apartment for professional artists, an intimate time together for sharing a meal and our craft together. A surprise guest showed up, making the evening especially powerful. Read the whole story here. I am told that two other visitors were brought to tears in private conversations. The Spirit was palpably at work!

You can read other stories from their trip on their blog: