Coen Goes Sledding

Over Christmas break, we were able to take a family trip to the mountains of northwest Japan. Aidan and Eastin received their first ski lesson from me while Coen (3 years old) practiced sledding in a special fenced area for little kids.

While I was on the slopes with the older two boys, 8 month pregnant Abi needed to go to the restroom. She tried to bring Coen in the stall with her, but there simply was not enough room. (Japanese toilet stalls are so small that you often have to stand over the hole in the floor in order to close the door!) Abi told Coen to wait just outside the door. Coen did not wait.

Abi came out and just barely caught a glimpse of him running around the corner of a far building. Turning the corner of the building, she looked in horror as Coen took his sled to the edge of the ski slope and started to go down. What was he thinking! He told us later he did not like the little hill. He wanted the "BIG" hill!

Abi made it to the ski slope just in time to see a little pink and blue dot shooting down the slope like a runaway train. Coen had not yet learned how to stop or slow down! "Wham!" he flew into a large canvas "Slow Down" sign at the bottom of the hill. Not hurt but a little dazed, he sat there without crying while a crowd of skiers began to gather around. Abi eventually climbed her way down the mountain to retrieve her son.

Coen did not want to leave Mommy for the rest of the day. "Too scary!" he said. Too scary indeed!