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Rev. Fukuda's two boys Motoki and Satoshi along with their friend Takeshi on the Grace City youth clean-up trip to Ishinomaki March 29 - April 1.

***New article about Grace City Church on CNN's iReport! Read the article here.

Fisherman's Survival Story (as told to Abi by his daughter):

One older gentleman was driving his pickup truck in Minami Sanriku when the earthquake hit in the middle of the afternoon on March 11. Since he is responsible for the support of his daughter and grandchildren, his first thought was "Protect my livelihood!" He raced his truck to the top of the nearest hill, jumped out, and ran with all his might thru town. He then got in his boat and sped off into open water (as fast as a fishing boat will go!), hoping to be far enough out to sea to not capsize by the giant tsunami heading his way or be sucked back to shore by the current. Can you imagine what that would feel like! He made it. Broken boats littering the town were a sobering reminder that many did not.