Concert in Minami Sanriku

These are pictures from my concert at the Hotel Kanyo in Minami Sanriku on Thursday April 21 along with gospel singer Nozomi Fujii. This hotel was one of the only buildings in the whole area not devastated by the tsunami. As such, it became the center for all government, military, and NPO activities for clean-up, rebuilding, and caring for people in shelters and communities. The hotel owner allowed us to give a concert there for all the workers.

There are many smaller communities in the mountains not getting the supplies they need. Every day at set times, about 200 people in each area visit the one house in the community that has a barn or a large structure to hold goods for distribution. We spent the day visiting 5 of these places with OGA for Aid, a non-profit group we look forward to cooperating with long into the future. One of the things distributed was milk. The girls in the picture have had almost no milk since the earthquake 6 weeks ago!

The steel structure in the middle of the picture below is the remains of a gas station, the only one in town which was able to be reopened amidst the destruction. The government has also been fast about putting up electric poles to bring electricity back to surrounding areas.