Food Delivery In Ishinomaki

21,000 people are living in emergency shelters in Ishinomaki, a city behind the others in delivering much needed supplies because all of the roads in the city were buried in sand, mud, and debris. Only in the past few days have roads been cleared, and water still remains in many parts of the city.

The water line was as high as 25 feet in some places! Boats, cars, and houses were distributed throughout the city. It will be quite some time before all the debris can be carried out of the city. Matt Chase, fellow Mission to the World missionary, and I walked the street a little and gave some food and water to people who were sweeping out their stores and homes. One man swelled up in tears in thankfulness.

Food was first delivered to a hospital and then an elementary school where 500 people were staying. The line from our truck to the inside of the school involved perhaps 100 people. The need for supplies was big. The volunteers let me take a turn with "taki dasi," stirring food in a pot as big as a bathtub!