Belhaven University Students and Teachers in Japan!

Ten students and three teachers came to Japan to help us with church planting through the arts. Here is a picture of a concert in a nice concert hall just blocks from our worship space in Ginza, the top shopping district in Tokyo.

They were involved in all kinds of events to meet people and have opportunities to talk about the gospel. Here is a picture of Jackie playing during a break in a black gospel choir rehearsal. Afterwards, she gave her testimony.

On a Monday morning, we went on a prayer walk around the area where most of the church members work, eat, play, and have Bible studies. Here is a picture of the group praying in the middle of the city near Tokyo station.

They had a hard schedule, so it was no wonder I sometimes caught them sleeping on the job! Composition teacher Andy Sauerwein superbly led the group both spiritually and musically.