Reason for giving concerts

Our Christmas Concert season has begun. This photo was taken at Suginami Church in Tokyo last weekend of Yoshimi-san, the clarinetist, my wife, and me. As a trio, we have two or three concerts every week until Christmas.

Last night, Abi took some friends from Aidan's school to a gospel concert. It was a good example of how concerts make a difference in Japan. Because of this concert, the ladies will probably join one of the 8 gospel choirs like the one to the left led by a Japanese lady on our team. Then, they will hear the gospel every week in devotionals, testimonies, and the lyrics. Through that community, they will start coming to church and eventually become Christians. We hope our concerts do a similar thing by drawing people into the church for the first time, encouraging those people to join different ministries of the church, and through that building community.